General terms and conditions of sale of Wijncuriosa

The prices mentioned in the catalogue are per bottle, excluding 21 % VAT.
Purchases are to be paid completely and in cash on collection or on delivery. Primeur wines are to be paid in cash on order.
Wijncuriosa reserves the right to readjust the prices to market fluctuations without prior notice.
Sold goods are completely at the purchaserís risk. We shall not be liable for any failure to meet our obligations occasioned by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
Except for opposite and clear statement every order involves that the purchaser accepts our terms and conditions and that he denies his own terms and conditions.
Indications of delivery dates are estimates and not intended to be contractually binding. A late delivery does not justify the refusal of the goods and does not give the right to claim damages.
A dispute about the order cannot be a reason to refuse the payment.
Orders of ďpre-purchaseĒ are accepted without obligation of delivery. In case of non-delivery the prepaid
sums are reimbursed.
The goods become the purchaserís property after full payment of all sums due to us.
Only written complaints can be dealt with if they are made within eight days after delivery.

Our invoices are to be paid in cash, net and without discount. Each invoice that is not paid upon maturity is increased with 2 % interest monthly and without reminder. In addition unpaid invoices will be increased with 15 % and with a minimum of 50,00 EUR by right and without serving notice upon the debtor.
If an invoice is not paid the amounts due of all other invoices, even if they are not mature, are called in immediately by right.
All taxes are charged to the purchaserís account.
After being informed of the time of availability the purchaser shall collect and pay the goods within 8 days. If goods are not collected in time the sale is broken by the buyer and he is obliged to pay a compensation of 20 % of the sum total.
If Wijncuriosa parts with the collection of receivables because the purchaser doesnít pay, the costs of collection are charged tot the purchaserís account. In this case the real costs of collection or 15 % of the amount due, the interests and the costs will be charged.
This contract is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Brussels.
Terms and conditions of sale