During the last few years many investors have followed the evolution of top wines. They have bought an interesting selection of wines that they want to sell after some years. They keep a close track of developments on the market of top wines. This market is characterised by quick price evolutions. The quality of old wines develops positively or negatively and so does the price. The prices in our catalogue change continuously because of new acquisitions as well as the rapid sale of famous wines or good years.

Are you searching a good wine from the year of birth of your partner, from the year of foundation of your company or to celebrate the day of your marriage? In that case you should contact WIJNCURIOSA in Brussels. Pierre-Jean Marcus is the manager of this company that has developed a world-wide file of suppliers and clients to bring the most exclusive wines on the table of the wine lover.

If a private individual wants to sell his wines, “Wijncuriosa” always visits him to evaluate the nature and the quality of the bottles. You certainly know that not every cellar is fit for keeping wines. The price depends on different factors: the quality, the level of the wine in the bottle and the labels must be perfect, but also the international market fluctuations are an important issue.

The “premiers grands crus” of Bordeaux are always in demand, but also the other great names among Bordeaux wines are popular. Especially the great years of these wines are in demand: 1982, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1995. Among the great Burgundy wines one must take the wine producers into account: Romanée Conti, Comte Lafon or the rare Coche-Dury. Also in other countries there are favourite top wines, e.g. the Spanish Vega Sicilia or the Italian Sassicaia. For an investment you better buy young top wines of good years. You can make a choice among the classified Bordeaux wines or the “grands crus” of Burgundy. For the evaluation of quality you get help from Robert M. Parker and his famous “wine guides”. When Parker rates a wine 95 in his 100-point rating system you may be sure that this is one of the greatest wines. In all investments you must try your luck. And if you cannot note a spectacular increase in prices, you still have the luck that you can enjoy the qualities of your great wine.

If you have invested profitably, WIJNCURIOSA will come round with pleasure to steer the sale of your wines in the right direction.